Sal7a and Saad Dating Diaries

This blog shares the experiences of Sal7a and Saad, who have an interest in each other but suffer from bad memory (Saad:she is the forgetful one not me). They can never recollect what causes their arguments, and rarely agree on what really happened. In fact there is still disagreement about who made the first move. Yet, because they remain interested in each other they decided to create this blog as a daily reference to support their arguments. Welcome to our world ...

الجمعة، أغسطس ٢٦، ٢٠٠٥

1st of august resolutions!

saad decided to make the 1st of august a turning point in his life style, so he decided to:
1. quit smoking (15 cigs a day average)
2. have three healthy meals a day ( as opposed to one junk food meal at midnight)
3. make a new saving plan and stick to it ( as opposed to the louzy 5 kd standing order)
4. get a new car ( although i love the current one, it has a unique character)
5. tell me that he likes me!
since we are on a break i would like to know through the blog the status of each resolution.

الأربعاء، أغسطس ٢٤، ٢٠٠٥


Salha Spoke! she said:

"bonjorno im here watching but to be honest your random thoughts saad are a bit shocking, i still cant get over it. "

And thats all we have for you people.


الجمعة، أغسطس ١٢، ٢٠٠٥


Salha and I created this blog as a venue where we are allowed so say whats on our minds, to vent, to share, and to discuss. We also agreed in the begining that what we say here ... stays here. In short, we created this blog to keep communication going and voice that thoughts that normally we, or anyone, wouldnt discuss in person. I see this venue as an essential part of any relationship. So in that spirit i say this: What I will write below is a moment im going through whether it is an off-beat kind of thing, or an indication of what is to come, i dont know.

So the break is on, a week into this now, and all I have been doing is work and work and work to the early hours of the morning only to have a few hours of sleep to go back to work. It was pure coincidence that work quadrupled the same time we chose to take a break. (My boss came back from vacation with a million ideas - go figure)

Its just hitting me now, this friday afternoon, that we are on a break. Why didnt I notice it? or feel it? why dont I still feel it? are we growing apart? or is it just that the begining was so intense that we now need, or maybe I need, a breather. I dont know. But these are questions she has been asking me. And honestly, I have no response.


السبت، أغسطس ٠٦، ٢٠٠٥

The date did happen, and a 60-day break as well

Hello bloggers,

We did end up going out on our second date. And about all the uncertainty in the last post..well..all it was, was that Salha had cold feet.

I mean, in the end, she had no choice really. I said we are going out a date and thats it! What I say happens.

Come on people, it shouldnt be that hard to get to know a person - its keeping/getting rid of a person is the hard part. In other words, if you are arguing whether you should see other or not, i think there is an issue there.

So we had a good solid date, we were in, had food, and out! military style. After our date we talked about "where is this going?", ( I bet all the guys reading this now are thinking "here we go again!") Yup :) (im so gonna get my ass kicked by Salha for saying that!)

I will not bore you with the details, but we agreed to talk a 60- day break to re assess, re-troop, stock-up, call of reinforcements, and re-stratigize our positions (i.e. we are on a thinking-break").

The smart dudes reading this now are probably thinking: Run this is your chance! run and don't look back! dont make our mistake!"

What about me? what do i think about this odd situation? well Im still blogging.

Is this weird or no? tell me fellow bloggers.

السبت، يوليو ٣٠، ٢٠٠٥

Sorry Saad But NO Second Date!

i think that saad knows very well why i'm cancelling the date, so no need to say. or you know what let me share it with you guys
we agreed on that date a week ago, during that week i asked him twice if he has any plans on sunday and his answer was always NO no plans yet, it is our 3rd date and he is already careless, i feel like he lost interest.

الجمعة، يوليو ٢٩، ٢٠٠٥


After long discussions, arguments, and pleading (mostly by me) Salha and I and have decided to go on our second real date. This is will be the third date in public, i.e. non-roof-top dates, and it wasnt easy to get her to go out with me in public! And if you read the passed posts you will understand why.

But thanks to your feedback, Salha is now encouraged and is gradually making exceptions to her rule of "only phone dating", which i am very against for reasons i explained earlier (mainly that phone-based relationships are extremely narrow and thus i believe them to be "unreal").

Of course we will not disclose the location or the time of the date, but will update you late Sunday night or Monday morning.

Wish me luck

الأربعاء، يوليو ٢٧، ٢٠٠٥

Salha, you cant say that!

What happened here? i doze off for a few days (yes i've been sleeping a lot lately) and I find you saying things that cannot be said! Statements like these:

  • ان الحب جذي والله لو ادري جان ما حبيت، انا كنت شزيني كافية خيري شري اضحك الليل والنهار وما يهمني احد، والحين شوفو حالتي الله اقوى
  • المشكلة مو اني اقولهم ولا لا المشكلة ان احنا الاثنين مو متاكدين بالذات سعد،فشلون اقولهم بدون ما احسسهم ان احنا قاعدين نلعب او ان سعد قاعد يتسلى معاي

What kind of talk is that, why all the drama? For a second there it sounded like a Fajr Al Se3eed soap opera. Salha, in reality people dont say statements like that about themselves.

The Drama is shocking!